Our Staff

Each room is staffed by a Lead teacher with early childhood education.  Our lead teachers have Montessori certification, Montessori professional development training or the opportunity to acquire the certification through AMS. All professional staff meet yearly requirements for continuing education with additional trainings.

All staff participate in Professional Development opportunities throughout each school year and are given the opportunity to attend Montessori-based workshops and conferences.

Teacher-student ratios are 1:5 (Young Toddler), 1:8 (Toddler House) and 1:12 (Children’s House and Kindergarten). Lead teachers have assistants who have completed various levels of certified Montessori training.

Teachers and assistants are assessed each year by the Head of School and the parents so that the staff is continually improving their skills and capabilities.

Teacher Training

  • All Day Montessori teachers are Montessori certified or are in the process of completing their certification.
  • All lead teachers have bachelors degrees in education or comparable student teaching experience.
  • Assistants are strongly encouraged to complete their undergraduate degrees.
  • All Day Montessori requires all lead teachers to complete their Montessori certification and provides financial assistance for this purpose.


Staff – Academic Term 2021-2022

Toddler Houses

Young Toddler House (15 months through 30 months)

Denneille Thomas – Lead teacher

Denneille or Mrs Nell is the newest member of the ADM family.   She is married with three children, ages 9, 14 & 15.  Previously, she worked with children for over 10 years in a home daycare setting. Most recently she was a teacher’s assistant with 1st and 2nd grade special education students.  She recently received her Bachelors degree in Early Childhood Practice from National Louis University.  This achievement led her back to her passion of working with preschool age children.  When not teaching Mrs. Nell loves to spend time with her family!  Nell has completed the Discover Montessori course at  Seton Montessori  Institute.


Jumitrius Reed
YT Assistant Teacher

Jumitrius started working at ADM in early 2021. Ms. J attended ISU for nursing and realized her passion was serving young children. She is planning on enrolling in Early Education Classes in early 2022. She has spent years volunteering with children, and helping out in low-income areas. In addition, she has volunteered at her church doing light administrative work and helping whenever they have events. Prior to Covid you could find Ms. J spending time with her family and friends. She has started taking professional development certifications online.

Jumitrius has completed the Discover Montessori course at  Seton Montessori  Institute.


Ashiya Archie
YT Assistant Teacher

Ashiya joined the ADM team during the summer of 2021. Ms. Ashiya graduated from Simeon Career Academy in June 2021. While there Ashiya was part of the Sojourner Scholars program. This program helps students promote intellectual growth, community and civic participation. Ashiya also did the CTE program, and was part of the Electrical Workers Minority Caucus Day of Service on the St. Sabina campus. She plans on continuing getting her certification to become a licensed electrician and work in the trades. Ashiya has also volunteered for After School Matters and helped build free libraries and put them in local communities. One of her passions is working with children. Prior to joining ADM, she helped run an in-home day care.

Toddler House I (2 years – 3.5 years)

Betsy Sosa
Lead Teacher, Director of ADM Young Toddler/Toddler House Program

Ms. Betsy is a AMS certified Montessori Directress with an early childhood background.  She joined the ADM staff in 2016.  She had been working in a Montessori Environment for the previous ten years. In her free time she enjoys sewing, painting with watercolors, cooking, and being with her cat Marce. While here at ADM she has been teaching Spanish to all the students and enjoys getting to spend time with each and everyone of them.




Chelsea Putrius
Assistant Teacher

Hello, my name is Chelsea and this is my first year as a teaching assistant at All Day Montessori! I’ve worked with children before and they are always a joy to be around and work with. In my free time, I love going to the zoo, museums, and aquariums, riding my bike, going to new restaurants and exploring new towns.

Chelsea has completed the Discover Montessori course at  Seton Montessori  Institute.

Toddler House II (2 years to 3.5 years)

Shannon O’Keefe-Anderson
Lead Teacher
Hello my name is Ms. Shannon. I have recently joined All Day Montessori in January 2021, but it already has my heart. I started off as a substitute teacher, working with all ages at the school. I co-taught in CH1 with three to six year olds.  I have known for years that I wanted to make a career out of working with children because they really light up my life. I started my career working at daycares. I pursued my Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, which led me to working in DCFS as a caseworker. After leaving DCFS, I returned to my previous daycare and received my Teaching Certificate. I happily worked as the teacher for the infant room for two years. Prior to coming to ADM, I had nearly seven years working professionally with children along with fifteen years of informal experience. When I am not at work, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our animals. My goal as a teacher is to provide a complete education to all children with love and fun.

(Shannon is currently in the Infant/Toddler Montessori Endorsement Program through Seton Montessori.)

Nevel Kasiner
Assistant Teacher

Ms Kasiner has been working with young children for over 20 years, with emphasis on children with special needs. Her background includes integrated learning programs, early childhood training and special needs adult services.





CHILDREN’S HOUSES (36 months through Kindergarten)

Children’s House 1 (Annex Building)

Tamara Byas
Lead Teacher
Tamara was raised in Beverly were she attended Sutherland Elementary School. She graduated from Morgan Park High School where she coached tennis with the program Love to Serve. She graduated from Saint Xavier University (Chicago,IL) with a B.S. in Biology. She has taken coursework in early childhood developmental psychology and developmental biology. She loves nature, music,the outdoors, ocean science and working with children.
(Tamara is currently in her Early Childhood Montessori Endorsement Program through Seton Montessori)

Victoria Susberry – Assistant teacher

Victoria joined the ADM staff in July of 2021 helping to lead Toddler House 1.  “Tori” is a third year PhD student at the University of Illinois studying educational psychology and a licensed elementary education teacher who loves to eat, read, dance and learn with the littles.

Tori has completed the Discover Montessori course at  Seton Montessori  Institute.


Children’s House 2 (Annex Building)

Angela Franklin
Lead Teacher
Angela joined the ADM staff in 2017.  She has found much joy in working with children for the previous five years.  Before starting to work with the kids, Angela worked with the elderly population in places like Iowa, California, and Hawaii.  When she is not at ADM, Angela enjoys cooking and traveling the world.


Michaela Hoskin 

Assistant Teacher 

Michaela has been at All Day Montessori for 3 years. Michaela is an amazing artist and truly loves being creative with the children. She enjoys drawing, painting and playing sports. Michaela has spent many summers as a camp counselor and art teacher at  Holiday Home Camp in Lake Geneva. Michaela plans to return to school to finish her degree in early childhood.  A fun fact about Michaela, is that she is a twin.




Floating Assistants

Viviana Urbano

Viviana is new this year! She has worked with children for the past 3 years, as a nanny and teacher’s assistant. She is also a full-time student at UIC, majoring in History. Viviana says that her favorite part about working with young children is how much they teach her! Her goal is to become a Middle School Social Studies Teacher and in her free time she loves to knit.

Jada Hayden

Jada is a Junior at St. Xavier University seeking a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education.  She hopes to begin her student teaching in Spring of 2023.  She strives to get to know the children and help them with their needs.

Kitchen Coordinator


Debbie Kelley
Executive Director

Debbie Kelley has recently joined All Day Montessori as a part-time Executive Director. Semi-retired, she is thrilled to support All Day Montessori School as it continues on its journey of continuous school improvement. 

Debbie has been in Montessori for over 40 years with experience as a Montessori teacher, director, consultant, workshop presenter, past and present accreditation commissioner, teacher trainer and Head of school.

Debbie Kelley earned her Masters degree in education from National Louis University, her AMS Montessori Primary Certification from the Midwest Montessori Teacher Training Center and her Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Northeastern.  She holds a certificate of advanced professional education from AMS and earned the Kellogg Executive Scholar Certificate in Non-Profit Management from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. She served as Head of School of Brickton Montessori School for 25 years and was instrumental in leading the school through numerous school accreditations. Over the past seven years she has served in a leadership capacity at the Montessori Academy of North Hoffman and the Montessori School of Englewood. 

Debbie has many interests and hobbies. She loves spending time with her 2 adult children and 2 grandchildren. Her hobbies include gardening, singing, dancing, reading, bike riding, photography and travel.


Caitlyn Solomon, ADM Head of School 

Caitlyn (She/Her) is eager to return to All Day Montessori as the Head of School! She has worked in a Montessori classroom for over nine years as a teacher and administrator, including six years at ADM! Caitlyn earned her Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and her 3-6 Montessori certification from Xavier University in Cincinnati. Her love of learning continued as she got her M.ED in Educational Policy and Leadership with a focus on Diversity and Equity in Education from the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. Caitlyn also works as a white Anti-Racist facilitator for a consulting firm founded by a Montessorian in Chicago. When not in school, Caitlyn loves riding her bike, crocheting, reading, and being with her family.


Tanisha Ammons-Lampley

I have been with All Day Montessori for over 12 years. My passion is teaching, inspiring, and challenging children to love learning. It is gratifying to observe them learn, especially witnessing the lightbulb moments. All Day Montessori is my home away from home. I believe the children learn their best when given the opportunities to explore, create, and imagine with a hands-on approach. Outside of my time at All Day Montessori, I volunteer for a children’s outreach program. During my volunteer time, I’ve helped 1000’s of families across the Chicagoland area. I find it very rewarding to watch all children flourish into bright learners. When I’m not at work, I enjoy listening to music, reading, and writing poetry. My goal is to continue to see All Day Montessori thrive and to work with the children as a positive influence in their lives.

Cyndi Williams
Business Manager

Cyndi joined the ADM staff in the Spring of 2016.  She received her BA from the University of Illinois, Chicago, and a Masters in Curriculum & Instruction from the American College of Education.  A former 6-12 Language Arts and Social Studies teacher with years of office management and accounting experience, Cyndi is married with three children and enjoys the theater, reading and travel.

Cyndi has completed the Discover Montessori course at  Seton Montessori  Institute.