Toddler House

The Toddler House classroom is for two and three-year-old children. At these ages, children typically thrive in a Montessori setting.

The children start the day with an independent work cycle to explore the classroom, receive individualized lessons, and develop concentration. The morning includes songs and movement activities, quiet reading time, group art activities, outside gross motor play, including playing in the backyard or a nature walk.

The children eat lunch together and afterward settle down for a 2-hour nap. When the children awaken, they gather together for group storytime and afternoon snack.

The main goals of the toddler house classroom are to allow children to learn:

  • Practical life skills such as potty training, dressing, healthy eating habits, and maintaining a clean appearance.
  • Social Skills include verbally solving conflicts with others, building friendships, and developing a sense of community.
  • Academic Skills include number symbols, quantities recognition, letter symbols, phonetic sounds recognition, colors, and shapes.

The differences in physical and social development between two and three-year-olds can be quite significant, which is why these age groups learn from each other as much as they learn from the teacher. The Toddler House classroom prepares children for rich academic learning in the Children’s Hous