Prospective Parents


Parents often get conflicting information about Montessori methods and the value of Montessori preschool. Dr. Maria Montessori saw that children are naturally curious, learn through play, and thrive in a nurturing environment where their choices are guided and respected.

At All Day Montessori, the teaching staff is here because they love working with children and have a heartfelt calling to be a Montessori teacher. We create a loving and nurturing environment in which the children can learn and grow each day.

Some essential elements for choosing Montessori preschool are the following:

1. The school is practicing Montessori methods, using Montessori certified teachers and following Montessori best practices in the classroom for every age level. All Day Montessori meets these criteria.

2. The academic element combines play, learning, and skills development, while at the same time fostering independent thinking, curiosity, and a love for learning. A common observation of parents whose children attended Montessori preschool is interested in learning new things.

3. The social-emotional development of a child is as important as academic skills or creative thinking. All Day Montessori emphasizes each child’s social-emotional development through group play, interactive learning, and cooperative group activities. For children who need more help with their social-emotional development, ADM uses an outside child psychologist to provide a plan that ADM and the parents use together to address this need.

The best way to get to know All Day Montessori is by visiting our school, observing the classrooms, and speaking with our faculty. We will provide a tour by appointment only. You can schedule a tour using the Contact Us form.