Young Toddler

The Young Toddler program accepts children at 15 months of age.

Our program is child-centered, allowing children to engage in learning activities of their own choosing.

Introduction into practical life skills such as dressing one’s self, self-care and toilet training are part of our program.

Why Young Toddler?

In 2013 All Day Montessori opened our Young Toddler Program for students as young as 15 months. Being a trained early childhood teacher, I had spent very little time working with that age group in a classroom environment. I was able to begin working in this classroom as the aftercare teacher that first year and was absolutely amazed by what I observed. During one week a material that was completely beyond the child’s grasp was an easy task the next week. The acquisition of language at such a fast rate was almost alarming. I was able to work in this classroom for two years as the aftercare teacher and value the insights I gained.

As parents, you are not able to get the same opportunity to be in the classroom and witness a whole group at work. Although All Day Montessori encourages parents to observe, being able to become a part of the staff in a classroom gives another story. I was very excited to find a video put out by the American Montessori Society, the governing Montessori society which All Day Montessori is a member of. This video gives a great explanation of the toddler program as well as the importance of it.

To watch the video and learn more click HERE.