Parents’ Page

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Parents are an essential element of the All Day Montessori community. You and ADM teachers are a team that supports the developmental and educational goals you have for your preschool aged children.

Parents are the backbone of ADM’s volunteer, committee and fundraising programs. Field trips, special events and Eat & Earn are just some of the ways that parents participate with the ADM staff and with each other throughout the school year.

Teachers are available for informal conferences by phone or a more formal conference by appointment. Twice a year two days are scheduled for planned parent-teacher conferences. Parents are encouraged to visit their children’s classroom and contact the teacher directly via email. The email of each staff person is on the Our Staff page.

All parents receive monthly newsletters via email to keep them up to date about what is happening in their child’s classroom and with All Day Montessori.

There are activities and events each month that parents should know about. Every Thursday the children take home a folder with important announcements and communications.

Please check the Calendar about upcoming events or changes in the ADM schedule.

Lunch Menus

The current caterer, Gourmet Gorilla, supplies organic and often locally grown produce, dairy and other foods that meet our children’s nutritional needs and allergy requirements. The lunch is a hot meal that varies each month. A sample menu is in pdf format below.

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