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No matter where you go these days you are going to see children using some type of electronic device. It is part of our culture to allow our kids to play with phones or tablets to help keep them entertained. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with this – I totally get it, but I did start to wonder what type of things were they playing, and was there a way to make them more educational.

I started doing research and found the KAPi (The Kids at Play Interactive) awards. “The Kids at Play Interactive (KAPi) Awards are peer-recognition awards designed to recognize innovation and excellence in design in commercial children’s interactive media. This is an annual award that considers commercial United States products. All interactive media products for children are considered, from any publisher of any size (KAPi info).”

Here are some of the winners from 2015;

  • LumiKids park – From the makers of Lumosity, LumiKids is a new kid’s app rooted in developmental science that provides a collection of play-based experiences designed for children two years and above.
  • Toca Town – Kids rule in Toca Town! With this app, Toca Boca created a digital sandbox for inspired and creative play. Kids can explore the six different areas of Toca Town, make up activities for the 21 inhabitants, and discover hidden treasures throughout the app.
  • Toca Pet Doctor – Playful and intuitive, Toca Pet Doctor allows kids to care for, love and help 15 different sick or injured animal friends, including a dog, turtle, bird and more. Designed for kids ages 2-6, the app’s beautiful artwork and fun sounds guide kids through different mini-activities, empowering them to take care and feel for the animals.
  • Bedtime for Sarah Sullivan – The Bedtime for Sarah Sullivan app, based on the award-winning book of the same name, offers a positive twist on traditional bedtime stories with an emphasis on a rewarding interactive experience, for both parents and kids. The app offers three storytelling modes, 32 imaginative interactive pages feature objects and/or characters that make sounds, movement or speak upon touch, and three in-app games which challenge, educate and entertain young readers.
  • Captain McFinn’s Swim & Play – Preschoolers can explore an interactive, underwater world, play fun games, and engage in exciting learning activities. As children swim in the underwater world as a fish avatar, they will be guided by a Deep Sea Explorer. This Explorer shares engaging stories and encourages each child, creating a fun experience based on the activities each child completes.
  • Magic Finger – By making full use of the fingerprints that children left on the screen, kids can interact with fingerprint creatures, at the same time, learn useful words. This game can promote the language development and hand-eye coordination of children, inspiring them to explore the real world in an innovative and entertaining way.


These are just a few of the winners but there are many more! I encourage you to check out the rest at KAPi 2015 winners.

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