Fostering Independence

As I sit in my apartment my first day of school, outfit picked out and laying on my bed and my lunch packed, I realize how excited I am to start back teaching especially at a school as great as ADM. It is so amazing to be part of a school community that just one year ago welcomed me with open arms and supported me though my first year in Chicago. I am excited to start the new school year and look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

As I get ready to fall asleep I wanted to share some points from an article I read today on ways to help your child with gaining the independence that at ADM we work to foster every day!

  • Setting their spot on the table (or the whole table!) – It does not have to be anything fancy, plates, napkins, cups, and silverware.
  • Clearing the table – Putting any scraps in the trash, putting leftovers in the fridge, and putting the dishes in the sink.
  • Sorting clean clothes – This can even be made into a fun matching game!
  • Cleaning up their toys – Just as they are expected to clean up their work in the classroom they are able to clean up their toys at home.
  • Making their bed – Pulling their blanket flat, putting their pillow and stuffed animal on top; this is a great morning routine

Parents can do so much to foster independence in their children with little tasks like these, which we reinforce and enhance at ADM.


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