Get Up and Go Social!

Being at a new school can be very scary for a child. You don’t know who your teachers are; you’re not sure with whom to be friends; you don’t know the routine of the classroom. Now add to that the concept of joining a Montessori classroom full of a plethora of materials that you may have never seen before. That has to be beyond overwhelming and it is my job as the teacher to help each child get used to the classroom.

But what about the parents? Who is helping them to feel less overwhelmed and apprehensive? Enter the ADM “Get up and Go Social”, an event that we do yearly within the first month of school to help parents meet each other, other students, and teachers. The event is also a great way for the kids to meet one another and have fun while doing something active. The event consists of zumba, face painting, healthy snacks, and coloring pages.

The dancing was a hoot for everyone including those who were not actively participating. Watching our 15 month old students dance with the Zumba instructor was a sight to see. Our face painting was done by two artistic staff members who were able to recreate pictures as small as a butterfly to turning a child’s face into a tiger! While the children and their parents were enjoying the festivities they were also invited to enjoy healthy snacks as they took the opportunity to meet one another.

The Get Up and Go Social continues to be a hit enjoyed by all attendees.

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