Giving Thanks

I was able to go home to Ohio for Thanksgiving and while I was sitting on the plane waiting for the cabin doors to close I started to think about how much I really have to be thankful for. Parents, staff, students, you are the ones who make this all happen. Without you I wouldn’t have this amazing job that I have, I wouldn’t have over 20 children who have become part of my “family.” To be honest I am not sure where I would be in the world if I hadn’t started to work here. I really want to thank everyone for all that you do whether it is serving on a committee, volunteering for field trips, reading this blog, or picking up your child from school. ADM needs you to make us what we are, and what we are is GREAT! I would like to challenge you to really take a few moments to think of what you are grateful for this holiday season, and ask your children as well. It is not only a great conversation starter but I am sure you will be in awe at the things your child are grateful for. I know that I have been.


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