Lending a hand

There are always moments in my day that I am beyond amazed at the things my students do. Just the other day a student of mine sat next to me and read a book that a week ago was “too tricky”. But this time I am amazed by them in a whole new way. I had the privilege of sitting and talking with our Kindergarten group about helping people in need. We spoke about why people might need our help and also different ways to do it. When I told them that we were going to work together to help a group of people they seemed more excited than I have ever seen. They talked to each other and decided that they wanted to help kids that were their age. When we looked into different options they unanimously chose Project Linus, a group that collects home-made blankets for kids who are sick.


Since that day we had our original conversation they have asked about it daily. I am pleased to say that we have officially started our project and also opened it up to the entire school. Each kindergartner will be making their own blanket as well as participating in a classroom blanket. We have asked families to help by donating blankets as well.  Being able to watch these students being so excited about helping others has really brought so much joy to me and the other teachers working with them.


Prepping the blankets so that they are able to be tied.


Here are two of our students with the materials they have chosen to make their blankets!


One of the skills we practice in the classroom is tying, which made it less challenging for our students.

I can not wait to see what great work our students and families create! If you are interested in donating please let me know and I can give you all the information you need.


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