“Let the Child Be the Guide”

Have you ever wondered what is it really like in a Montessori classroom?  What type of environment does your child get to enjoy once you drop them off? Being able to observe in a classroom at All Day Montessori is always encouraged but as we all know children being watched by their parents will act differently once they are alone. A father by the name of Alexandre Mourot was faced with this same problem and found a way to solve it!
He began a documentary in February of 2015, which shows how the Montessori pedagogy was implemented in a 3-6 classroom.  He filmed Christian Maréchl’s classroom for an entire year at Jeanne D’Arc School in Roubaix, France. He learned so much and became invested enough to begin his International Montessori Teacher Training for 3-6-year-olds the summer after he began filming.



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