Share Your Soles

Each year our kindergarten-age students run a fundraiser for a different organization either local or global. With the help of one of our teachers, Ms. Jai, we decided to pair with Share your Soles, a Chicago based organization that helps to provide gently used or new shoes to people in need all over the world.

Not only is this an amazing way for our students to become a more active member of our community but it is also a great way for them to learn about empathy, which they are just beginning to develop. If you would like to participate, donations will be delivered to Share your Soles Foundation in May and shipped out to those in need. The students’ goal is to collect 150 pairs of shoes! According to the organization’s web site:
“We accept all types of footwear including gym shoes, sandals, boots, shoes of all sizes, men’s women’s and children’s. Your gently worn or brand-new shoes of any kind are going to people who may have never even owned a pair. It’s important that these shoes are in good condition to respect the dignity of those receiving them. Shoes older than five years old decompose, even if they were never worn. So please: be respectful with your donations, understand that our goal is to provide good, clean shoes to those in need. For example, tennis shoes should include laces and not have holes. We discard any old overly worn shoes!”


We appreciate all help whether it be donating to the drive or sharing the cause with others!

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