Summer camp school excitement


After taking a few weeks off I was really excited to come back to ADM to teach summer school. I have the pleasure of working with the 6-9 year olds over the summer which is a big change of pace from the 3-6 year olds. Each week of the camp we have a different theme that we focus on. This particular week we are learning about animals. The students and I have planned a field trip to go up to the Lincoln park zoo this week to further our study of animalsĀ and see what they look like in real lie.

Today I have invited the students to think of some “who am I?” riddles to share with you!

I have four legs,

I scratch when I am mad,

I purr when I am happy,

and I play with yarn.

Who am I?


I “moo”,

I have four legs,

I make milk,

and I live on a farm.

Who am I?


I bark,

I have a cage,

I like to go on walks,

and I enjoy playing.

Who am I?


I like to color,

I like my teacher,

I play outside with my friends,

and I use my words to talk.

Who am I?

Working with the older students has given me the opportunity to show more advanced lessons as well as have interesting conversations, like what it would be like to be the bottom of a shoe. It is never a dull moment in the class and I have been enjoying everyday with the students. After this week the class will be taught by Miss. Shelly who is currently at Seton leaning to be a lead teacher for the Young Toddler Class. Although I am looking forward to a break I know that I will miss the students very much.

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