Things are changing!

I am sure most of you know this already but ADM is expanding to the building across the street (1808-1810 W. 99th). The space is currently being remodeled and will be ready for students when summer school starts! The new space will act as a new 3-6 classroom as well as a space for our kindergarteners to learn while others are napping, because even though they try VERY hard having 24 whispering students is still pretty loud while the rest of the school is silent.

This is also really exciting for me because my classroom will be the one moving and the process of ordering an entire new classroom is totally CRAZY! I remember being a kid (at the Montessori school my mom works at) and watching them unpack new materials when they would open up a new classroom. The fact that it is me being the one to open a new classroom is totally bonkers to me. I am SO very excited though, and I know Simone is as well.

The other great thing about the expansion is that the class sizes are going to decrees. This year we have 3 adults and 24 students which works out totally fine, although the students will sometimes go teacher to teacher trying with the same question trying to find the answer they want. New year each classroom will have 2 adults and a maximum of 19 students. As construction continues and the classroom begins to set up I will add pictures!



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