What a year!

Posted by Caitlyn Solomon

As most of you know this is my first year being a teacher.  As I left the school on Thursday I really thought about all of the things that have happened this year. Let me tell you, WOW, I thought I learned a lot in college, but the things I learned in my first year of teaching at ADM makes it look like nothing at all.

I came to ADM last summer as the 6-9yr old summer school teacher. I didn’t know anyone, I thought I had moved into the city (yes Beverly is in the city, but not what I had expected), and I was terrified. However within in the first few days I was welcomed into the arms of the ADM staff. I vividly remember helping Ms. T set up her classroom and thinking “wow these people are pretty awesome”. As the summer went on I made more friends, connected with the families and, most important, found out how to work the Metra system.

When August came around I was starting to feel prepared for my first school year as a teacher in my own 3-6 classroom. I was so blessed to be able to work with so many amazing people: Ms. Malinda, Ms. Heather and Ms. Simone, and learn invaluable things from them. I learned how to plunge a toilet while also managing 24 kids, create a community within my classroom, and truly care about each of my students.

Not only did I learn about my classroom and students but I also learned so much about myself. I learned how to create a peaceful and respectful environment, the importance of positive discipline, the beauty of the Montessori philosophy, knowing that “it’s ok, and accidents happen” is the truest statement ever used, and how to have fun every day! I am very grateful to everyone who has been with me in my first year as a teacher as well as a part of the ADM family. I am so lucky to have had such an AWSOME experience and am so excited for summer camp and the start of the 2014-2014 academic year.

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