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  1. Be Cool About Fire Safety

    Be Cool! Click for a GREAT video on fire safety 🙂 On Wednesday, May 21st ADM had our very own fire fighter, Tim Daily (Father of Nora Daily), come into the school to talk about what he does. The students were able to learn about how to become a fire fighter, what a firefighter does… Continue Reading »
  2. Hi There!

    I would first like to introduce myself: I am Caitlyn Solomon, the lead teacher in CH1 at ADM. I started to work at the school about a year ago in the summer program working with the six to nine year old students. Before I came to work at ADM I lived in Cincinnati, Ohio and… Continue Reading »
  3. ADM has a Blog

    All Day Montessori teachers and staff have agreed to maintain a blog as a way to keep current and prospective parents up to date on what is going on in the classrooms. A blog is also a great way to get people acquainted with our school, our philosophy and what we’re thinking about when working… Continue Reading »