Category: Looking Ahead

  1. Why Stay?

    As I am sure all of you know it is that time of year for open houses and big choices. One of the biggest ones being where you will be sending your child for Kindergarten. As a Montessori teacher I have been taught the importance of keeping your child for the three year cycle and… Continue Reading »
  2. Lending a hand

    There are always moments in my day that I am beyond amazed at the things my students do. Just the other day a student of mine sat next to me and read a book that a week ago was “too tricky”. But this time I am amazed by them in a whole new way. I… Continue Reading »
  3. How to overcome the “I can’t” feeling

    We have all been there, the moments¬†when we just want to give up because we feel like we just can’t “do it”. I know that I feel it when I am trying to do a hard workout and I see it in my students when I am asking them to complete a new challenging work…. Continue Reading »
  4. Safe Walking

    As the weather gets nicer I know that my students and myself enjoy spending more time outside. We go on walks, go to the park, observe our suroundings, just about everything you an think about we do. One thing that I always stress about is how to be safe outside. I always remind them to… Continue Reading »
  5. What is Positive Discipline?

    I know that I have written about positive discipline before but I came across this video and it really helped me understand it even more! I hope that you are able to get as much as I did out of it.
  6. Organized Chaos

    One of my favorite things about working in the Montessori¬†classroom is when I am able to take a step back and look at all the things that are going on in my classroom. Now there are totally some days when I look and see kids running, using the red rods as boat oars, books being… Continue Reading »
  7. Winter Fun

    Being cooped up in your house can make winter feel really long. I know that I can personally only watch so many episodes of television before I start to go stir crazy. Here are some fun and family friendly things to get you our of the house! Morton Arboretum holiday light – Has 50 acres… Continue Reading »
  8. Giving Thanks

    I was able to go home to Ohio for Thanksgiving and while I was sitting on the plane waiting for the cabin doors to close I started to think about how much I really have to be thankful for. Parents, staff, students, you are the ones who make this all happen. Without you I wouldn’t… Continue Reading »
  9. A great lesson from an unexpected place

    Even though I am the teacher in my classroom I am never surprised by the things that my students teach me every day. As adults we are always looking in the mirror and seeing all the negative things that we want to change. Our large heads, small stature, imperfect skin, etc. But very seldom do… Continue Reading »
  10. ADM has a Blog

    All Day Montessori teachers and staff have agreed to maintain a blog as a way to keep current and prospective parents up to date on what is going on in the classrooms. A blog is also a great way to get people acquainted with our school, our philosophy and what we’re thinking about when working… Continue Reading »